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Home Sick.

"home is with your family"

all my best friends are at SA, and i’m the only at Poly. transitioning from such a small school where i could go anywhere on campus and know everyones name to a place where it’s so big and scary and i don’t even know half the people is really tough for me. my family began at St. Lucy then as i got to know more people it extended to SA. everyone i love is there, and it makes me home sick. they’re more than my best friends, they’re my family. as weird and retarded our family can be, i wouldn’t have it any other way. i saw my family a couple weeks ago at their football game. and those couple hours i spent with them were the best. i wish it could be like that everyday. it makes me wish i could transfer so i can be with them. Poly isn’t that bad, but i’d rather be with my family. i’m so home sick.

30 September 2012

i’m so jealous of my best friend..

16 September 2012

for once i just want to say what i feel even if it does hurt other people. not because i want to hurt them, but because i want to set myself free from everything i’ve ever held back.

24 August 2012

A drop in the ocean.

A change in the weather.

I was hoping that you and me might end up together.

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17 August 2012
Not knowing what to text back, but not wanting the conversation to end.
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17 August 2012
Money, I need you.
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17 August 2012